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Vinyasa I/II

This class is taught by:

Ronnie Jersky

Ronnie has enjoyed a 30 year career as a traditional teacher, teacher mentor, and curriculum specialist. Concurrently, she was and remains a personal fitness trainer and group exercise teacher. In 2002, while visiting family in Philadelphia, Ronnie attended a yoga class led by internationally acclaimed yoga master Baron Baptiste and her whole perspective of mental and physical body transformation immediately changed. Having pursued myriad teacher trainings with the yoga world community’s highly reputed yoga teachers over the years, Baron remains her most inspiring influence. Ronnie incorporates her dedication to breath work, alignment precision, playfulness, and creativity in her challenging and accessible vinyasa flow sequences. She encourages hard work and lightheartedness throughout one’s yoga practice, the “sthira and sukha” of all poses and one’s life. Ronnie’s forte is her attention to every client’s amplification and modification needs within an all level’s class. She creates classes from an intuitive and organic perspective. Spiritual connectivity and laughter can be found in every practice. Yoga practice is a true celebration of who we are and the more we practice, the more we learn to live abundantly and courageously. Ronnie believes that there is a trustworthy road through whatever life brings. Loving yourself will help you find it. Yoga will help you find the love.
This class consists of basic to intermediate poses sequenced at a moderate pace. Vinyasa will be used to link breath to movement to create a flowing meditation to build heat, strength, and flexibility. Students are advised by the teacher to rest when appropriate, but students always have rest as an option at any time. The class, though a bit more slanted towards the client with a consistent practice of 3 plus months, welcomes the beginner using basic foundational poses as a base. Modifications for all poses are clearly explained. The intermediate practitioner will find more advanced variations of the same poses offered. All will receive a proper body warm up, some core conditioning, and explanations regarding alignment and safe practice. The studio may be heated between 75 and 80 degrees and complimented by great music, supporting more flexibility and a calm state of mind. Savasana will complete the practice providing mental and physical rest, fluid connection to breath, self-acceptance, and peace.

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