Beginners' Yoga Series Starts October 12


Fundamentals of Pilates Mat Work

This class is taught by:
According to Joseph Pilates, “physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.” The Pilates method is designed to coordinate the body, mind and spirit, via a regimen of exercises for core strength and stability. Starting from the ground, the series involves a combination of flexion, extension and rotation exercises that improve overall physicality and assist a better quality of life.

The Pilates intro class will focus on the main principles of Contrology as Joe Pilates taught it. Beginner exercises will be introduced to prepare you for more intermediate positions in subsequent series, with movement-based examples of their significance – you will feel this work!

As a class, we will discover the important role that abdominals play while we work to shrink that waistline. Participants will improve agility by strengthening the antagonist muscles that so often inhibit flexibility gains. Classical Pilates mat work is appropriate for most individuals, regardless of fitness level.

This class is intended for beginner and beg-intermediate clients. A regular yoga practice is not requisite for participation!

$25 drop ins

(Class held on the 4th floor, suite 400)