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Thai Yoga Massage Special Evening

This class is taught by:

Elise Foster

Elise, inspired by her yoga teaching grandmother, began practicing yoga at a young age. In 2011, Elise "flew" for the first time at Meridian Hill Park and immediately fell in love with AcroYoga and its lineage of 3 different elements - yoga, acrobatics, and the healing arts. Apart from AcroYoga, she is also certified in Tantra Hatha Vinyasa yoga, Reiki, and Thai massage. Elise aims to bring to others the joy, power and healing energy that yoga and AcroYoga brought into her life. Like nothing else she has experienced, AcroYoga has the ability to transform lives - it can free one's playful spirit, create community, and cultivate trust and communication.

Thai yoga massage is an ancient healing art that is said to have originated before the time of the Buddha. It is quite different from traditional western massage. It is often described as "the lazy man's yoga" as it feels like having someone stretch your muscles and gently put your body into yoga poses for you while you are completely relaxed. The massages are done on a mat or soft surface on the floor and are completely clothed.

Connecting breath with movement, much like yoga, givers use their own body weight, gravity, and leverage to stretch or release muscles, making this modality of massage simple and accessible to everyone. It is also said that practicing Thai yoga massage should be like a meditation for the giver, encouraging them to let go of the monkey mind and drop into their own intuition as to what their receiver needs.

In this workshop you will:
Learn the physical and mental techniques of how to give (and receive!) a Thai yoga massage sequence with ease, comfort, and confidence.
Build connection and trust in yourself and others. As you soften into the practice, as a giver or a receiver, you will cultivate trust, sensitivity, and metta - loving kindness.
Take home a Thai yoga massage sequence to offer your friends and family.
Feel restored and surprise yourself with your healing capabilities!

Wear stretchy, comfortable clothing and do not eat anything heavy for a couple hours before. Please bring one yoga mat per person, a blanket or two, and a pillow.

*No prior experience or partner required. Solo participants welcome. Bring a friend or come and make a new one!

Fee: $40
WYC Members: 10% off
Sign up for both Acro Yoga & Thai Massage and only pay $70