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Neva Ingalls
Neva Ingalls has been on the journey of Yoga since her teenage years when she was initiated into Raj Yoga by her first and most important teacher Prem Rawat (Maharaji). Immersed in a lifelong study of classical ballet, Martha Graham technique and various forms of Jazz and international dance, Neva came to the Vinyasa practice later, in the late 1980’s, when introduced to simple breath guided sequences supported by bandhas, by a teacher who studied in India with Sri Krishnamacharya, the father of most of the asana practice lineages we know in the west. Not realizing the power and significance of these techniques before they were generally known, Neva nonetheless practiced them diligently and experienced spontaneous flow sequences that arose from her personal practice. Neva studied daily with yogis, such as Micheline Berry, Mark Stephens, Lauren Peterson, Max Strom and later, Shiva Rae and Annie Carpenter. She also practiced Ashtanga Yoga with Lauren Peterson and Chuck Miller, and completed Ashtanga teacher training with David Swenson in 2001. Neva is E-RYT500 and certified Yoga Therapist with IYAT, and developed the Yoga Alliance registered, Inner Domain 5 Element 200/300/500 Yoga Teacher Training School in 2006. She has been leading trainings and retreats in the USA and abroad since, and many gifted graduates are now successfully teaching in the Washington DC area or wherever they have moved. In Neva’s classes you can expect the challenge to be as much about letting go, as about applying effort and the latter will be encouraged with total balanced awareness arising from breath awareness. Neva’s sequences are spontaneous and creative and incorporate other movement healing systems such as Feldenkrais and Qi Gong. Neva’s studies continue and now include a certification in Ayurveda through Dr Frawley’s American Vedic Institute. Find out more about Neva and her offerings at
Alice Wylie
Alice has been teaching yoga in the DC area since 2004 and is an E-RYT500 through Yoga Alliance. She received her training through Tranquil Space and Hot Yoga. Alice received her B.S. in Ballet and French from Indiana University and continued to dance professionally in ballet, modern, and contemporary companies for over 12 years, touring, performing, and teaching internationally. Her varied experiences with dance, for which she is deeply grateful, have helped inform and influence all of her teaching.
Ronnie Jersky
Ronnie has enjoyed a 30 year career as a traditional teacher, teacher mentor, and curriculum specialist. Concurrently, she was and remains a personal fitness trainer and group exercise teacher. In 2002, while visiting family in Philadelphia, Ronnie attended a yoga class led by internationally acclaimed yoga master Baron Baptiste and her whole perspective of mental and physical body transformation immediately changed. Having pursued myriad teacher trainings with the yoga world community’s highly reputed yoga teachers over the years, Baron remains her most inspiring influence. Ronnie incorporates her dedication to breath work, alignment precision, playfulness, and creativity in her challenging and accessible vinyasa flow sequences. She encourages hard work and lightheartedness throughout one’s yoga practice, the “sthira and sukha” of all poses and one’s life. Ronnie’s forte is her attention to every client’s amplification and modification needs within an all level’s class. She creates classes from an intuitive and organic perspective. Spiritual connectivity and laughter can be found in every practice. Yoga practice is a true celebration of who we are and the more we practice, the more we learn to live abundantly and courageously. Ronnie believes that there is a trustworthy road through whatever life brings. Loving yourself will help you find it. Yoga will help you find the love.
Susan Hanan
Susan Hanan (E-RYT, 500) received her ISHTA training in 2001 in New York City under Alan Finger. She is known for teaching well-sequenced, creative classes that focus on strength, flexibility, balance and alignment. Her teaching style is strongly influenced by her personal Iyengar practice of many years. Susan believes that alignment is the key to a sustainable and life-long practice and works closely with her students to help each and every one find success on their mat. In 2007 and 2008 she had the privilege of teaching weekly yoga classes at the White House to First Lady Laura Bush. Susan enjoys her personal practice and learning from others, as much as she enjoys assisting her students.
Sara Lubeck
Sara Lubeck has enjoyed a yoga practice in varying forms for the last two decades. She has been influenced by many teachers and students along the way, but cites Max Strom as being the most influential. She strives to teach students to breathe deeply, find healthy alignment, fluid movement, awareness of self, and fun in her classes and hopes students will continue their practice when they leave the studio. She believes that our yoga practice can enliven us and awaken a connection to ourselves and everything around us. Sara's class is intended to be safe and healing for the body, mind, and spirit. Her classes are taught without music, focus on breath and alignment, and incorporate long holds and vinyasa style movement.
Audrey Roxas
Audrey has been practicing yoga for over 15 years and initially sought it as a way to take a break from the daily work pressures. As her practice matured, she has also realized the spiritual and quieting benefits of yoga – the ability to stop the chatter and just be still. Certified at the 500 hour level, her classes are fun, dynamic, and challenging. They are focused on building strength and stability (aiming for form versus depth) but offers plenty of room for students to work on expanding their own practice. With her continued desire to share her practice, she is also certified in the healing art of Thai Yoga (assisted yoga) and Restorative Yoga (through Judith Hanson Lasater). She attributes her love for yoga, her center, and grounding from all the wonderful teachers she has and had.
Jen Dryer
Jen is a native New Yorker who moved to DC in 2009, after 14 years of living and practicing yoga in NYC. She began her journey into yoga in 1996 to help combat the stress of life as a NYC public school teacher, and since then has made yoga an integral part of her world. She completed a Vinyasa Yoga Teacher training in 2006, where she was trained to teach in both Prana Flow yoga and power yoga styles. Now a mother of 2, she has become well-trained on how to modify for pregnancy and post-partum yoginis. She has taught yoga to children, teens, expectant mamas and adults and loves sharing what yoga has given her. Her teachings embrace creative flow sequences and mindful movement, while retaining attention to alignment and breathing practices that you can easily bring with you off the mat. Her classes allow her students the chance to strengthen, lengthen, relax and let go of daily stresses. Her yoga teaching influences include Shiva Rea, Lauren Hanna, Jonathan Fields, Twee Merrigan, David Regelin, Jessica Lazar and Rob Hess.
Sandy Kavalier
Sandy began practicing yoga in 2001 as part of physical therapy after a bicycle accident. She has studied both Iyengar and vinyasa styles of yoga and has found a comfortable blend of the two in her teaching. Sandy has completed two 200 hour teacher trainings; her first with Hot Yoga USA in 2005 her most recent with Max Strom in 2015 and is ERYT certified. She has studied with Annie Carpenter, Erich Schiffman, Jamie Elmer, David Keil, Leslie Kaminoff, and Doug Keller. Sandy has 4 grown children and 6 grandchildren. She lives in Chevy Chase with her supportive, loving, and understanding husband of 44 years who makes her laugh at least once a day. Visit Sandy's website at Sandy’s level 2/3 class is designed for students who have a consistent practice. The class is a breath-initiated, alignment based, slow flow sprinkled with opportunities to learn and practice arm balances and increase core strength. Sandy offers both modifications and challenges throughout class. With a strong understanding of anatomy and kinesiology, Sandy breaks down the poses into understandable, attainable actions. Understanding the actions of the poses makes the practice interesting, fun, and safe. Sandy emphasizes a sense of adventure and encourages her students to respect their limits and be patient as they grow their practice with care, over time. Each class includes time at the wall dedicated to explore arm balances or take a rest. The class ends with floor-time to stretch it all out. Students will leave class feeling both energized and calm.
Rhiannon Landesberg
Rhiannon is a Washington DC based yoga teacher, where she shares her deep passion for the practices of yoga and mindfulness full-time to children and adults in schools, studios and community settings. She completed her yoga teacher training with Faith Hunter, whose spiritually fly teachings have inspired her to lead her life from a place of authenticity and love. Regardless of age or experience level, Rhiannon's classes cultivate a sense of play, freedom, compassion, creativity and connection to the self and the world around us. Join her for a moderately challenging, yet restorative, music inspired vinyasa flow class. Rhiannon is a certified instructor by the Yoga Alliance.
David Ingalls

David became certified to teach Transcendental Meditation in 1972 and has been teaching ever since! He first began the practice of Ashtanga in 1994 and soon after went to Mysore, India to study with Pattabhi Jois (founder of Ashtanga). He also studied in India with the renowned Adviata sage and author Ramesh Balsekar, A.G. Mohan, and his wife Indra (students of master Krishnamacharya). He is the first person In DC to be certified in the Svastha system. Currently David likes to combine the awareness of the breath work of Svastha with the physical form of Ashtanga.
Geneva Moss
At the age of twenty, Geneva's first teacher impressed upon her the long term benefits of yoga as choices to increase health and well being. Through the following years her practice has come to embrace the richness of the totality of yoga as her dharma. The wisdom and practice of yoga resonate with Geneva to the core of her being. She commits herself and her teaching to the study and exploration of the self through the practice of Tantra Hatha Yoga. Geneva began teaching yoga internationally in 2005, and is a certified ParaYoga teacher and registered 500-hour Yoga Alliance teacher. Her classes create the opportunity to explore balance and stability within the fire of effort. Geneva's students experience a personal, committed and connected practice with intelligent sequencing, curiousity and the balance of humor and depth. Geneva's goal in teaching is to help her students be empowered and connect mind, body and energy and bring awareness to their own inner teacher. She continues to study extensively with her teachers Yogarupa Rod Stryker and Pandit Rajmani Tigunait. Geneva writes, travels, and offers the light and wisdom of yoga and meditation both in private and public classes, workshops, festivals, and retreats. Prior to teaching yoga, Geneva was a successful technology consultant and business development specialist and manager. Geneva resides in the DC Metro area with her family.
Rebecca Kanin
Becca completed her 200-hour RYT training at Hot Yoga, in Washington D.C. After rowing in college and long distance running for years, Becca found yoga as a great balance to the competitive strain on her body. Becca focuses her classes on breath and alignment. Come to her class ready to work hard or to take a break from your day. Becca grew up in the DC area and lived in New England for ten years before moving back to D.C. to escape the long winters.
Sun Kim
Sun started practicing yoga regularly in 2007 in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. She was immediately drawn into it, noticing the transformations she experienced in her body, mind, and heart. She is an E-RYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher) and has studied with numerous master teachers such as Jason Crandell, Tiffany Cruikshank, and Natasha Rizopolous to expand her practice and teaching skills. Sun leads breath-focused, challenging vinyasa sequences while reminding students to deepen and nurture their practices with safety and alignment in mind. She invites students to gaze inward and empower their physical, mental, and emotional bodies through the connection of asanas (poses) and pranayama (breath). When off the mat, she fosters and molds the minds of local elementary school students as an ESOL teacher in MCPS.
Stanley Currier
Stanley first started practicing yoga in Kazakhstan in 2003, and has been blessed to study with teachers in different parts of the world including the US, Japan and India. He has trained in hatha and vinyasa style yoga, and most recently received his 300 hour certification in the Jivamukti Yoga method and 200 hour certification from Buddha B Yoga. Prior to moving to Washington, DC, Stanley taught yoga in Portland, Oregon and Almaty, Kazakhstan. He continues to study and explore the many paths of yoga, and strives to root his practice and teaching first and foremost in kindness and compassion. Stanley holds master’s degrees in education and peace studies, and works for an international non-profit organization in downtown Washington, D.C.
Rachel Gooze
Rachel found yoga in 1998 and has explored the practice in many forms, finding it deeply beneficial during times of both ease and difficulty. She completed a 200-hour adult yoga teacher training in 2013 and is coached by Pleasance Silicki on the teaching of Baby & Me yoga. During pregnancy, Rachel continued her regular yoga and mindfulness practice and, and since the birth of her daughter, has discovered what joy practicing yoga with a child can bring. This, in combination with her work as a public health researcher studying the well-being of early childhood educators, led to her desire to bring yoga to caregivers (families and teachers), babies, and children.
Sarah Hull
Sarah, a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher (CIYT), stepped into her first asana class back in 2007 and started attending Iyengar yoga classes in 2009. Sarah offers classes focused on balance, strength, and alignment to explore the yogic principles of sithra and sukha – strength and ease. She maintains regular study with her mentor Doerthe Braun and further ongoing study with senior teachers including Manouso Manos, Lois Steinberg, and John Schumacher. In her classes, Sarah looks to honor and share the teachings of her teachers, their teachers, and inspire others.
Alexandria Hall
Alexandria Hall, 200-hour RYT, is an Inspirational Yoga Teacher. She took her first Yoga class as an elective in college and found it to be grounding. She is at heart somewhat of a gypsy, flowing through lots of changes. Yoga helped ground her and gave her peace throughout her journey. After years of working in Miami, NYC and Boston in the corporate world she left everything in 2013 to follow her passion of teaching yoga in hopes to inspire her students to live courageously. With each practice, Alexandria wants her students to feel calm and grounded, to give them a practice that creates space for them to heal within, and to connect to their divine self. She uses her voice to soothe souls through centering, allowing each student to begin practice more present than when first entering. She stays true to her Vinyassa roots by creating sequences with soulful sounds that range from Otis Redding to Krishna Das, allowing each student to find moments of peace and clarity. She encourages her students to flow at their own pace, reminding them that this time is for them. Alexandria believes that the most important aspect of yoga is "The time spent on the mat is about the student, not the teacher or anyone else. It's about leaving everything outside and trusting something greater which brought them to the mat and allowing them the space to discover that. She wants to share a piece of her soul with her students, soften their hearts, to allow them to feel non-judged, being their authentic self. And inspiring them to build confidence in trusting that they have everything they need within themselves already." For more information, please follow Alexandria's IG Account @bohemianspirithero
Robin Glantz
Robin Glantz is a 500-hour Certified Yoga Instructor (RYT-500), and a Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT), both in the Viniyoga tradition under the guidance of Gary Kraftsow. Robin invites her students to begin from where they are, and practice with an intention of self-awareness and self-discovery. Connecting to our breath, Robin uses yoga poses ("asana"), breathwork ("pranayama"), and meditation to integrate mind, body and spirit. After class, you can expect to feel energized yet calm, peaceful and nourished. Viniyoga adapts to the individual needs of each student and is wonderful for all levels of practitioners. Robin teaches group classes, as well as therapeutic workshops on diverse topics such as Insomnia and Managing Stress. She also works with private clients on structural, physiological and emotional issues. Robin is a Level-1 Lifeforce Yoga practitioner and an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Prior to teaching yoga, she spent her career at the World Bank after Harvard Business School, and lives in AU Park with her husband.  
Cate Gaffney
Cate Gaffney started practicing yoga 20 years ago, but it wasn’t until she moved to San Francisco that she found her yoga community. She studied and practiced with a variety of teachers and completed 300 hours of Bhakti Flow training with Rusty Wells. With Rusty’s guidance her yoga practice deepened becoming more consistent and spirit filled. Always the seeker, Cate found other ways to engage with the spirit, studying energy medicine, shamanism, and hypnosis. Cate infuses her teaching with lightness and the idea of finding joy in one’s practice. Cate is a Bhakti Flow certified yoga instructor, Reiki II practitioner and a hypnotherapist.
Katie Bayer, DPT
Katie Bayer is a doctor of physical therapy with a focus in manual work and functional strengthening. She has a special interest in women's health and pelvic floor dysfunction, treating pregnant and postpartum women, along with the general orthopedic population. She has received training through the Barral Institute, Herman & Wallace Pelvic Rehabiliation Institute and the Institute of Physical Arts, among many others. She views each person as a whole, not just an injury or body part, and understands that without the big picture approach, a person cannot truly heal. Katie earned her Bachelors of Science in Biology from Mary Washington College, and Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2007. Katie lives in Fall Church, VA with her husband, three energetic young daughters and dog Mack.
Marina Smith (sub)
Marina began a consistent yoga practice in 2002 becoming captivated through self-practice guided by David Swenson’s Ashtanga Yoga: The Practice Manual. Soon thereafter she studied Bikram yoga with Marlon McGann, more recently Iyengar yoga with Terence Ollivierra & John Schumacher and Ashtanga yoga with Rexx Samuell. Having the desire to deepen her practice and understand more about this thing called ‘yoga’, she completed the 200-Hr Buddha B Yoga Teacher Training Program in Washington, D.C., and is thankful to have had such wonderful instruction by Rexx Samuell, Valerie Samuell, and Hari-kirtana das. She is grateful to her other inspiring teachers: Kristen Krash, Antonella Accinelli, & Krista Block. Marina hopes to share with others the joy that yoga has brought to her life.
Lauren Rubenstein
Dr. Lauren Rubenstein, a psychologist, yoga teacher and author, has been studying iRest yoga nidra with Richard Miller since 2009. The practice of iRest inspired her award-winning children’s book, Visiting Feelings (
Pleasance Silicki

Pleasance Silicki is an entrepreneur, coach, creator, teacher, author and magic-maker. She is the founder of lil omm , a wellness and lifestyle movement that leads courses, workshops, retreats, using wisdom traditions and modern research to enhance our daily lives. Lil omm is a community of people who thrive to live well and nourish all the relationships in their lives. Pleasance’s life mission is to inspire communities and create meaningful connections for human beings through yoga, play, meditation, journaling, reflection, laughter, and honest conversations..

Pleasance has been a teacher in various forms for more than fifteen years, working in yoga studios, public and private school and University classrooms, and all size workshops and retreats. Her background includes collaborations with other social entrepreneurs and community organizations.

As co- founder of The National Kids Yoga Conference, Holistic Moms DC, and Septima Clark Public Charter School, Pleasance is an active and empowered creator who engages in meaningful projects that bring people together. She is currently on the board of Tenleytown Main Streets Program and Fitscene, a women’s fitness movement. She has taught at George Mason University and American University and published her first book in April, 2016 called Delight: Eight Principles for Living with Joy And Ease.

Pleasance currently lives, creates and loves in Washington, DC, with her partner of 21 years and two children, spreading love, magic, and glitter to those around her. You can find her online at

Sydnea Lewis
Sydnea Lewis is an international graphic designer, registered yoga teacher and entrepreneur from New Orleans, Louisiana. With a professional background in fine arts, Sydnea has been able to use her innate creative abilities to hone in on the movement and stillness of the mind, body, and spirit. Yoga has been a part of her life for almost a decade, and her practice has helped her grow stronger, more flexible and fearless, both on and off the mat.

200-hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Focusing on Diversity - Yoga District, DC
20-hr Budding Yogis Certification - Circle Yoga, DC
20-hr Teaching Yoga to Kids with Special Needs - Every Kids Yoga w/ Craig Hanauer

With the certifications Sydnea has attained so far she has been able to move, touch and inspire not only the lives of children in schools but adults as well. Currently she teaches a variety of classes throughout the DMV area to all ages and backgrounds in various styles - including Baptiste’s Power, Vinyasa and a Flow inspired by Sri Dharma Mittra. She truly believes that yoga can be for everyone and is striving to share that with the world.

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