Yoga Nidra with Neva Ingalls, Friday, September 7, 5:00 PM - 6:15 PM

Sarah Hull

Sarah, a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher (CIYT), stepped into her first asana class back in 2007 and started attending Iyengar yoga classes in 2009. Sarah offers classes focused on balance, strength, and alignment to explore the yogic principles of sithra and sukha – strength and ease. She maintains regular study with her mentor Doerthe Braun and further ongoing study with senior teachers including Manouso Manos, Lois Steinberg, and John Schumacher. In her classes, Sarah looks to honor and share the teachings of her teachers, their teachers, and inspire others.

Sarah Hull instructs the following:
  • Iyengar All Levels
  • Alignment yoga includes the fundamentals of asana (posture) that is appropriate to beginning students as well as seasoned yoga practitioners. Standing, twisting and forward bending poses is the primary focus. This class introduces basic back bending and inversion poses and is taught with detailed alignment cues and props to help cultivate stability and flexibility. Using asana as the vehicle, the student has the opportunity refine their posture, which facilitates a deepening of the alignment of the body, the mind, and the spirit practice that is Yoga. The temperature in the studio is kept at a comfortable level.

  • Iyengar Foundations
  • Just as you would build a home on a solid foundation, this class lays a solid foundation for yoga asana (posture). Each week the class explores the fundamentals of asana and Iyengar Yoga. Learn and refine the basic poses as you build stamina, alignment, and poise. This is a place where people who are newer to yoga asana can safely and effectively develop stability and mobility while cultivating body awareness. But also, a place where the more seasoned practitioner can explore and further their understanding of the poses that are at the core of asana.

  • Iyengar - Restoratives
  • Rejuvenate the body and mind in supported positions with gentle attention directed toward restoring energy, calming the mind, body and spirit. Props are utilized, allowing access for all ages, body types, and levels of conditioning.

  • Iyengar Yoga All Levels
  • This class is suitable for students new to the Iyengar system, or to yoga, as well as, students with more yoga experience.
    In the class, students are encouraged to challenge themselves regardless of the level of yoga experience with emphasis on proper body alignment and the importance of building strength as well as improving flexibility.

    Asanas (poses) are modified for individual students with the use of props -- such as blocks, blankets and belts. The props allow for accessibility and exploration to a deeper practice in the poses. The poses are generally held longer for better effectiveness.

    The class provides a solid foundation of knowledge, strength, and flexibility that can be applied to all forms of yoga. 


    The temperature in the studio is kept at a comfortable level according to outside weather conditions.