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Jarrick Browner

Jarrick Browner’s yoga practice developed from the desire to find a great full-body workout so he tried yoga. Jarrick began practicing Ashtanga in traditional Mysore format. Jarrick, graduated from the 200-hour teacher training at Yoga District where he was certified in Dharma, Power, and creating sequences of his own. He now teaches a mesh of Power and Dharma with an Ashtanga feel. Because he acknowledges how the cultural impacts effects the body, Jarrick "Americanized" the practice, he chooses poses accessible to a various body types and conditions for an all-levels class. He offers workshops on alignment, chakras, inversions, Ayurvedic Theory, and more.

Jarrick Browner instructs the following:
  • Vinyasa II/III
  • This class is geared to regular, serious and knowledgable students. Students will be guided to self awareness through breath awareness and through breath awareness to finding a perfect balance between ease and effort, strength and graceful flow. The class includes a variety of Sun Salutations, standing poses, balances, arm balances, inversions, backbends, forward bends,hip openers, twists, supine positions and savasana. Students will receive a thorough awakening of strength, vitality, range of motion, a centered, grounded emotional state and enhanced self awareness. Challenging sequences will build upon one another leading students into a new and invigorating edge while encouraged to maintain poise and equanimity throughout.

    This is not a hot yoga class. The studio temperature will be adjusted depending on outside weather conditions to suit the comfort level of students and to optimize the benefits of the practice. Usually, the temperature will range between 76 degrees and 80 degrees, with the maximum being the exception rather than the rule.