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Sophia Spencer

Sophia Spencer received her teaching certificate in 2005. She went on to take more training and attended workshops with different master teachers. Sophia has been teaching Vinyasa Flow in DC and MD ever since. She taught at SEC, NASA and other government agencies, and she also taught three teacher trainings. Her classes are challenging yet accessible. She encourages students to explore their ability under her safe instruction and yet find their edge physically and mentally. Her focus is to help students build a stronger yoga practice and get all the benefits associated with a serious yoga practice.

Sophia Spencer instructs the following:
  • Flow II
  • As a level II/III Vinyasa class students will be guided to self awareness through breath awareness and through breath awareness to finding a perfect balance between ease and effort, strength and graceful flow. This class is geared to regular, serious and knowledgable students and will include a variety of Sun Salutations, standing poses, balances, arm balances, inversions, backbends, forward bends,hip openers, twists, supine positions and savasana. You will receive a thorough awakening of strength, vitality, range of motion, centered, grounded mental emotional state and enhanced self awareness. Challenging sequences will build upon one another leading you into new and invigorating edge while encouraged to maintain poise and equanimity throughout.

    The studio temperature will be adjusted depending on outside weather conditions to suit the comfort level of students and to optimize the benefits of the practice. 

  • Vinyasa Flow - All Levels
  • This class offers a well rounded practice for all.
    Starting with breath work, core work and gentle stretching, the body is warmed up by moving through Sun Salutations. At that point students get into deep stretching and twisting involving standing and balancing postures. After that, for advanced practitioners, it’s time to practice inversions. For newer students, it’s time to learn about inversions or simply practice something else such as shoulder standS or hip openers or anything that the student has been working on.
    Throughout the class, different options are given to suit individual needs. Students will be assisted one on one and adjustments given to deepen the practice.