Beginners' Yoga Series Starts October 12


Class Levels

Washington Yoga Center offers yoga for everyone and teaches a variety of classes at different levels. The following descriptions provide broad guidelines to help determine the right class for you.

During any class, you can always modify or skip poses, as you need to. Always listen to your body and do what feels best for you. 

Level I
If you are new to yoga, getting back into practicing, looking to refine your practice, or maybe need a day to move at a slower pace, this is the level for you. The classes are slower paced, less physically demanding with the basic asanas taught along with introduction of the use of breath. Ample time is given to move into the poses correctly. Depending on the students, the teacher may begin to introduce more challenging poses.

Level I/II
Classes are intended for those who have gone beyond the beginner level, but are not quite ready for the intermediate Level II. Thus, they combine both the basic asanas with the more advanced ones and the relationship between breath and movement is explored more fully. 

Level II
These constitute the full intermediate level and are suitable for only those who have knowledge of basic yoga. It consists of some challenging poses that require more strength, flexibility and balance and are moderately physically demanding. The teachers offer more detailed instruction in intermediate balancing postures. There is more focus on alignment and coordinating the breath with the asanas. 

Level II/III
At this level classes are beyond intermediate level, but not at the fully advanced level. They require a considerable background of yoga practice and the ability to easily do the basic and intermediate asanas. Mastery of coordinating the breath with movement is closer to realization. 

Level III 
These are designed for the most experienced yogis with solid understanding of intermediate yoga postures and are comfortable performing the advanced poses at a vigorous pace. The student practices yoga regularly and is shown how to master the connection of breath with movement.  

These classes are for people of all levels. Clear instructions are given during practice, including breathing techniques and alignment in poses. Different options are provided for the poses so students can choose the level at which they feel most comfortable. 
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