Beginners' Yoga Series Starts October 12


Washington Yoga Center Guidelines

Washington Yoga Center is your neighborhood yoga center, located just across from the Tenleytown metro. Our resolve is to offer a wide range of yogic practices at reasonable prices so that everyone has access to the richness and depth of the yoga lifestyle.

We are open to all levels and offer a uniquely diverse menu of yoga class options, both mildly heated and unheated. Visit the Yoga Offerings page on our website for an explanation of our yoga classes including Hatha, Ivengar and Vinyasa Flow yoga. And, check the Events/Workshops page for ongoing happenings.

We have class passes and monthly plans to fit everyone’s budget.  Review the Pricing Overview page and sign-up online at Purchase Now. Don’t see what you’re looking for?  Call us at 202.244.YOGA (9642) or email us at


Prior to Your First Class

After purchasing your class pass or membership, class registration is a breeze! Visit the Class Schedule page to sign-up for a class or you may register at the center prior to the class.

If you are new to Washington Yoga Center it’s recommended you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your first yoga class as you’ll need to sign a waiver and orient yourself with the studio.

You probably know you’ll need a yoga mat for your class. As a Washington Yoga Center client if you forget your mat you are more than welcome to borrow one from us! If you are a commuter we can store your mat for a small monthly fee. Washington Yoga Center provides complementary towel service and cold, scented face towels at the end of each class during savasana.

While in the studio, you can leave your belongings in the cubies available to you but we ask that you leave your valuables in your car or at home, as the center will not be responsible for lost or stolen items under any circumstances.



Our yoga center is here as a sanctuary for relaxation and comfort.  Please practice these small courtesies for the benefit of all participants.

Please turn your cell phone and other electronic devices off as you enter the center and keep your voice low as you enter the reception area.

After entering the practice room, please remain quiet as many like to meditate before class.

To avoid distractions to others, try not to leave and re-enter the practice room.

Plan to arrive to class on time. If arriving after class has started and the class is already full, even if you signed-up online, we will ask that you return to a different class.

Students can enter the practice room up to a maximum of 10 minutes late. Latecomers should wait in the reception for seated meditation/centering to finish before entering the practice room.


Listen to Your Body

It may seem contradictory when yoga instructors are simultaneously encouraging the class to go further while also encouraging the class to lay down in child’s pose or savasana if need be. What’s important to understand is the yoga concept of finding your edge. Your edge is the place where you are working your hardest, but not pushing yourself too hard; a place of ideal balance. Taking care of your body and honoring its limitations is very important at all times.

Please let the instructor know before your class, or during if needed, of any relevant medical conditions, injuries or pregnancy. If at any time you feel dizziness, pain, shortness of breath, or any other discomfort in any pose or sequence, stop doing it at once and let your instructor know.

Some of our classes are slightly heated so check the schedule and become familiar with class descriptions and temperatures. If you are pregnant you should never practice in a heated room. We kindly ask that you return to a non-heated class.
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