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"I can't say enough about your studio and the quality of your teachers, as well as the variety of yoga styles you offer." JH, April 2018


"Kiron - I love your studio, and will continue one way or another." LA, October 2018


“People say if you want authentic yoga go to Washington Yoga Center” RD, April 2018


“It is just miraculous what you have done to grow the studio”, RJ, January 2018


“I am grateful for the community you have nurtured”, SH, December 2017


“The studio is beaming with light, Love, and activity”, CN, December 2017


“Best yoga studio in Washington” KD December 2017


"Wonderful teachers" MM, December, 2017


"There are many studios in the area, but it is hard to find a quality one. Yours is." TA, November, 2017“So blessed to be part of a very loving community.” AR , November 2017

“Glad that I’m now part of a wonderful community!” SK, November 2017

“You have a great studio and I am so glad I am a member.” MD, November 2017

“Classes are superb” XC, November 2017

"Your yoga studio is one of the best (and I have been to many in DC and Maryland). Thank you for the combination of so many talented and varied instructors." PM, June 2017

"Yours is the best studio in town." SB, May 2017

" I just love the studio and it is such a great community of people.." AK May 2017

"As always I LOVE the studio you have created." MD May 2017

"I love teaching at your beautiful studio, thanks for making it" LNG March, 2017

"Happy New Year to you Kiron!! and thanks for creating this wonderful community" January 2017

Kiron, "Thanks for creating a wonderful yoga home for all of us in NW Washington.  I am so grateful to have Washington Yoga Center and yoga in my life !  Happy New Year!"   MD, January 2017

"Love your studio!” SD, January 2017

“I love our community…a very special place." RJ, January 2017

"The studio is great and the teachers are excellent. Thanks for opening such a great studio" K.S. October 2016

"I do love coming to your studio! Its one of my favorites in the DMV area." TH, October 2016.

"Thanks for your dedicated work in running the studio so professionally and well." KA, September 2016

 "Thanks for providing such a wonderful studio in which to practice!" SA, August 2016

"Beautiful, sacred space you have have formed a tremendous group of teachers and colleagues who love yoga and find joy in their practice and teaching."  CN, July 2016
"It is a pleasure seeing all the amazing changes that are filling this lovely studio. You have made it a welcoming space. Thank you, it is appreciated." JA, July 2016

 "I heard wonderful things about your studio" SK, July 2016

"You have a fantastic studio and I love being part of the team" RJ, July 2016
"A lot of appreciation goes your way. Thank you so much for being a hands on manager!" SC, June 2016

" I have heard really great things from teachers that teach there and students that learn there (WYC)." SH, June 2016

".... it's fun teaching at WYC. I really enjoy the students and working with you...!" SL, May 2016

"What a wonderful studio you have created for us!  A very grateful member." MD, April 2016

"Have really enjoyed the yoga studio.  We love being a part of this yoga community." SA, March 2016

“Glad to be part of such a great collective of teachers.” NI, February 2016

“You have really turned the studio around, it is so full of life and people love it!” EH, February 2016

“Wow--great bios-- very exciting;-) Bravo” CA, January 2016

“The feeling of the studio and the space is lovely, and this was a wonderful start to the New Year.” KB, January 2016

“Congratulations on these changes and all that you are doing with the studio.” MD, December 2015

“I have been a member of the studio for a little over three years now, and I wanted to let you know how happy I have been to see the increase in the number of classes and available times.  I also appreciate the scented towels, the bolsters, and the general improvements that you have made to the studio.  Thank you for all of those things.” KK, December 2015

“You have been doing wonderful things with the studio and attracted/retained many fantastic teachers. Many thanks.” MS, November 2015

“It's been a long time since my yoga teacher compatriots have exuded such enthusiasm and happiness.” SC, November 2015
“I'd like to express my appreciation for the many wonderful changes you've made. Having practiced many forms of yoga since I began in my twenties, I'm excited to have so many more options available to me. I also appreciate how the studio is run with a great deal more professionalism and responsiveness.” PA, November 2015

“There have been many great changes and it's been nice to observe how much effort you're obviously putting into the studio and community.” MB, October 2015

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