Yoga Poses to do at your desk

A comfortable work space can make all the difference during your work day. For some of us, our offices are now our kitchens, our living rooms, or makeshift home desks. But before you sit down and crank out all of your work from 9-5 PM, make sure yoga is on your to-do list!

That’s right – you can (and should) practice yoga at your desk throughout the day. Think about it: You’re spending 8+ hours a day sitting in the same position, most likely hunched over a computer, without your fancy office ergonomics chair. Stretching during the work day – not only in the morning and after business hours – is vital to preventing injuries from these work habits. That is why we’ve compiled a list of great yoga poses and stretches that you can incorporate into your daily work schedule, so you can relax and relieve tension as you work.
1. Cat Cow
In a seated position, Cat Cow relieves the muscles in your neck and spine, as well as facilitating deeper breathing. This exercise helps tone your abdominal muscles while strengthening your back. As it is considered a warm up pose, Cat Cow can be practiced when you first sit down at your desk.
2. Seated Chair Pigeon
Pigeon pose helps to open the hips and chest when practiced in a seated position. Stretching your hamstrings, gluteus, and hip flexors helps make you feel more comfortable and relaxed while you are sitting at your desk.
3. Seated Eagle Arms
Eagle pose works to strengthen the muscles in your triceps, back, and shoulders. The quick relief helps strained neck, shoulders, and arms after sitting at your desk for a period of time. It is also good for preventing carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as arthritis if practiced often.
4. Neck Rolls
Because many monitors and laptop screens are lower than eye-level, stretching your neck throughout the day is important for preventing a strained or sore neck. Circle your neck while keeping your shoulders relaxed, and you will immediately feel the difference, and even wake yourself up a bit!
5. Seated Crescent Moon
When you are feeling tired and in need of a good old-fashioned stretch, Seated Crescent Moon pose helps stretch your sides after being hunched over your desk. By raising your hands above your head and stretching your obliques, you are helping elongate your spine and sharpen your mind.
Whether you’re working from home or at the office, these yoga poses will make all the difference for your work day.
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