Bye-bye, Daylight Savings!

5 Ways to Combat the Winter Blues

Daylight Savings Time has ended, which means the sun goes down earlier and the days are getting colder. With this change in atmosphere, you might be feeling a little more down than usual.

With winter weather on its way, Washington Yoga Center understands the importance of maintaining healthy lifestyle habits to cope with the changing season. We’ve consulted with our amazing teachers, done our research, and compiled the following methods to beat those winter blues.

1.Go Outside
As the weather gets colder, this may be the method you’re willing to try the least, but it is bound to help the most. By spending more time indoors, you’re losing valuable doses of Vitamin D, and missing the fresh air your body is used to. So, bundle up and go on a 10-minute walk every day. Not only will you get the sunlight and air you need, but you’ll also get more used to going out in colder weather, and feel a bit braver when venturing out for other reasons.
2. Eat a Healthy Diet
A diet of fruits and vegetables, or complex carbs, contain all the vital nutrients to promote a healthier body and mind. Eating whole foods and grains will also boost your energy throughout the day, combating the sluggish feeling that cold winter mornings contribute to.
3. Exercise
As a yoga studio, we’re the masters of exercise – for both the body and the mind. Whether you’re taking a fast-paced Power Yoga or Jivamukti class, or you’re practicing calming Hatha or Svastha, you’re doing yourself a favor. Exercise boosts serotonin and releases endorphins, leaving you with healthier and happier feelings.
4. Try Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy is another practice that affects your mood, and is used to help those with seasonal depression. Essential oils can be used with diffusers, added to nighttime baths, or by itself to help calm your nerves and relax.
5. Set a Schedule
Sticking to a regular schedule will help with your sleeping patterns and your actions throughout the day. By setting a time to wake up each morning, you’re assuring yourself that you will be awake for more hours of sunlight, and help yourself get your much needed dose of Vitamin D. Schedules also help keep you accountable to partake in other healthy and helpful activities to battle the winter blues, like eating enough, going on walks, and exercising. Have we mentioned, you can plan out your schedule even more by adding a yoga class every day? Just a suggestion!
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