A Letter from the Owner

Dear All:

I am writing, first, to thank those who take classes with us. A special thanks is owed to the students who have stayed with us through the Covid pandemic, which unfortunately still goes on. Second, I want to touch on Washington Yoga Center’s future.

Since we opened in September 2015 as a studio where truly exceptional teachers taught the most variety of authentic yoga styles at different levels throughout the day and at the most affordable prices in the area, with the loyalty and support of our growing student body we became a financially self-sustaining entity serving the community. We are a no profit no loss organization; any excess over costs is ploughed back into additional classes and better pay for our teachers.

Like most small organizations, for profit or not for profit, the outbreak of Covid was a severe blow. We had to shut down in person classes and let go of our beautiful leased space and turn to providing on-line classes. We lost one third of our students; we were all skeptical of on-line classes. Many students made generous donations which went a long way toward making ends meet. The government also helped and I too put in some of my own money to keep the studio going. We managed to put together a full schedule of on-line classes without resorting to cuts in teachers’ pay and administrative expenses.

Today our on-line classes are doing well and many have given accolades for their quality and consistency. More people are beginning to join our community.

We all see a small light glimmer of light in the darkness of fear and ill-health. We hope to see the light grow and the darkness recede in the months ahead.

Our intention and goal is to resume in person classes in a space in the neighborhood where we were located sometime at summer’s end, provided it is safe to do so by then. A significant proportion of our students now prefer live streamed classes for their convenience. When we start indoor classes we will, therefore, also stream them live, and the library of recorded classes will be maintained as now for our members on whom we rely so much.

In the meantime, please continue to practice yoga for peace, tranquility and health. Our schedule changes every quarter. You will see new offerings and other changes in our schedule for this quarter.

Please stay safe and well.
With my very best regards,

Kiron Bhandari


4433 1/2 Wisconsin Ave NW
Washington, DC 20016