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Meet Dena Kahn

She teaches slower paced classes that focus on breath awareness, building strength, and increasing stability and mobility.

Beginning in 2004, the practice of Yoga started shifting and shaping Dena’s life. Through many years and changes to the nature of her practice, she remains delighted by the real life benefits of Yoga and meditation and how they continuously support her. Dena was drawn to the inclusive, nondogmatic, grounding style of Kripalu Yoga early on in her Yoga experience and aims to bring that same feel to her classes today. Throughout her years of practice, Dena has explored Yoga with many teachers and in many styles.  She is always searching for best practices in accessible and supportive yoga. Her classes are known for their slower pace, intuitive sequencing, and balance of comfort and challenge. She includes meditation as well as easily digestible philosophy focusing on the time-tested tools Yoga and minfulness provide for living your life.

Dena has lead Yoga classes since 2009. In addition to extensive training through Kripalu, she has also completed trainings and many workshops with Anna Guest-Jelley’s Curvy Yoga, YoKids, and Doug Keller as well as many other local and visiting teachers.