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Meet Neva Ingalls

In Neva’s classes you can expect the challenge to be as much about letting go, as about applying effort and the latter will be encouraged with total balanced awareness arising from breath awareness.

Neva Ingalls has been on the journey of Yoga since her teenage years when she was initiated into Raj Yoga by her first and most important teacher Prem Rawat (Maharaji). Immersed in a lifelong study of classical ballet, Martha Graham technique and various forms of Jazz and international dance, Neva came to the Vinyasa practice later, in the late 1980’s, when introduced to simple breath guided sequences supported by bandhas, by a teacher who studied in India with Sri Krishnamacharya, the father of most of the asana practice lineages we know in the west.
Intuiting the power and significance of these techniques before she learned their philosophical and energetic importance, Neva applied these techniques diligently and experienced spontaneous flow sequences that arose from her personal practice. Neva studied daily with yogis, such as Micheline Berry, Mark Stephens, Lauren Peterson, Max Strom and later, Shiva Rae and Annie Carpenter. She also practiced Ashtanga Yoga with Lauren Peterson and Chuck Miller, and completed Ashtanga teacher training with David Swenson in 2001.
Neva’s sequences are spontaneous and creative and incorporate other movement healing systems such as Feldenkrais and Qi Gong. Neva’s studies continue and now include a certification in Ayurveda, through Dr Frawley’s American Vedic Institute. As a certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) Neva offers continuing education in Yoga as therapy, helping teachers and students realign to their source code and live bountiful lives. As a certified Jyotishi (Ayurvedic Astrologer) she will help you understand your personal Dharma as written by the stars and support your journey through Ayurvedic and Yogic counseling. Neva is currently writing a book about her journey. Check out her youtube channel, Neva Ingalls.
Find out more about Neva and her offerings at www.Nevaingalls.com