Exceptional teachers

Meet Rhiannon (Rhia) Morsberger

Rhia’s intention is for students to walk away not only feeling good and more “at home” in their bodies, but also more confident, resilient, and to have more tools in their toolbox to increase their quality of life.

Rhia is a professional dancer and yoga teacher-turned-movement educator with a goal to help people connect to their intrinsic strength, find more resources within, and freedom of expression. Her practice draws from functional mobility, strength, yoga, somatics, biomechanics, neuroscience & related pain education. 
One of Rhia’s foundational teaching points, after 10 years of teaching yoga, is that our bodies love variety, and “nutritious movement”. Still teaching several yoga classes a week, her group classes reflect this need for variety (especially for long-time practitioners), while incorporating more traditional teachings and limbs of yoga as well.
Having gone through the humbling experience of building strength from the ground up through injuries and various issues over the years, her passion is in helping people in private sessions tackle nagging movement inquiries & goals with practical resolutions to do what they love to do (practicing yoga, dancing, hiking) — as long as possible.  All of this is with the objective that the lessons we learn through intentional movement, nervous system regulation, and self-study, can also lead us to live more actively in line with our values & more harmoniously in this life. 
Rhia instructs the following:
Mondays | 11:30-12:45pm | Gentle Yoga
Saturdays | 11:30-12:45pm | Hatha Yoga I/II