Exceptional teachers

Meet Santiago Hernandez

Santiago, CIYT, is a Level II Certified Iyengar Teacher, originally from Argentina. He has been teaching since 2011 for yoga centers in the state of Virginia, Washington D.C., and New York City, where he is a faculty member of the Iyengar Yoga Institutes of New York and Brooklyn.

Santiago has trained extensively with his mentor and teacher, John Schumacher. He also studies with other advanced Iyengar educators, such as Laurie Blakeney and James Murphy, to name a few. Santiago’s goal as a teacher is to inspire his students in growing their practices and experiencing a deeper connection within themselves.

Santiago’s teaching is an extension of his own committed daily practice and love for the subject of yoga. In addition to his yoga training, Santiago is a certified massage therapist from the Potomac Massage Training Institute in Maryland, where he worked at the graduate clinic. He has also held administrative roles for wellness Institutions such as Common Ground Healing Arts center in Charlottesville, Virginia and the Iyengar Association of Greater New York.