Students must be registered in class at least 15 minutes in advance on MBO. Payment must be made in advance for all non-members, and members cannot register for a class in advance of their monthly payment receipt.
A link to the zoom class will be sent to you one hour before the start of the class.
If, for a reasonable cause, you are late to class, please send an email to info@washingtonyogacenter.com and we will try to accommodate you, provided you are not over 10 minutes late. Though email is preferred, you may also call Kiron Bhandari at 202-441-2000. 
During Zoom classes, we ask that your videos are turned on so that the teacher can see what you are doing and is able to properly teach and guide you. Audio must be turned off except for introductions and questions.
Our honor system requires that no one besides the member, or the holder of the class pass, may take the class. Those who are family members and friends who wish to take classes may contact us for discounted pricing.

WYC Sales


Any sales on memberships are not applicable to existing memberships.


Class Passes expire as noted in the website. However, an extension of expiration date can be obtained by buying an equivalent class pass pack.


Love our studio so much you want to join?  Email us at info@washingtonyogacenter.com before your pass expires and you can sign up for $84 per month Monthly Membership (normally $125 per month). This special Intro Offer rate is available for one year only from date of purchase, after which it may be subject to increase.

Members will be notified of any price adjustments via email prior to the implementation of the adjustment.


The membership commitment is for a minimum of three (3) months upon date of purchase. Payments renew automatically each month. Members must give 30 days written notice to info@washingtonyogacenter.com to cancel the membership without incurring the next month’s charges. If written notice is given in between payment dates, members will be charged again on their next scheduled payment date and their membership will be discontinued 30 days after written notice is given.

Customers must keep a valid credit card on file during the contract. Credit card transactions rejected at time of sale are charged an extra 5% administration fee for each rejection.

Please note: Price at purchase is guaranteed for one year only, after which it may be subject to increase. Members will be notified of any price adjustments via email prior to the implementation of the adjustment.

What our students are saying

“Happy Thanksgiving, with immense gratitude from me to  you for creating and sustaining your studio and teaching and admin staff for us all —through the pandemic and in general”

HB, November 2021

“ Thanks to you for continuing to work to provide our community with great yoga and fellowship too!”

MD, November 2021


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